Become a Laughter Yoga Leader!

What is Laughter Yoga Leader Training?

This is a 2-day training where you’ll not only learn how to lead a Laughter Yoga session with a variety of students, but you’ll have lots of time and support to practice your skills. In fact for many people this training is a wonderful retreat - a time and space to enjoy and develop your inner joy with intentional laughter.

All over the world Laughter Yoga is becoming known and sought after. Do it at work, as part of your healthcare practice, church, senior programs, daycare, fitness or yoga studio, or community...start a laughter club anywhere!

Come join us, and countless others, who’ve learned to laugh their way to joy and fitness!

Laughter Yoga training is highly recommended for:

• Healthcare practitioners, mental health counselors and family therapists
• Fitness & yoga instructors
• Educators and those working with seniors and childrenLaughter Yoga Leaders
• Health ministry or other caring vocations
• Human resource personnel

Laughter Yoga training is for you if you want to:

• Incorporate laughter into workshops and classes you already teach
• Incorporate the health benefits of laughter into healthcare programs for patients with cancer,
respiratory issues, depression, or other illnesses
• Create a work environment that’s positive, productive and creative
• Discover new techniques as childcare providers to integrate laughter into playtime
• Start your own laughter club and classes - free or paid
• Have fun, make new friends, and laugh - a lot!

Laughter Yoga Leader Training!

Everything you need to be a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader is covered in this 2-day training

• History and benefits of Laughter Yoga
• Laughter Yoga exercises - you’ll practice over 100 of them!
• Facilitating Laughter Yoga for seniors, children, and businesses
• Solo laughter
• Yogic breathing techniques
• Access to free online listing at
• Practice, practice, and more practice!

Continuing Educaton
If you are a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher (RYT) you can earn CEU’s through Laughter Leader Training.

Can’t Make It To Us for Training? We’ll come to you!
Are you interested, but can’t bring your work-force to Sioux Falls for a training? We’ll come to you! We’ll bring the 2-day Laughter Leader Training to your community, business, hospital or fitness center!

Contact us for more details.


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